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Monday, 2 July 2007

Girl in a Hat (demo)

I was asked by a friend, the other day, if I could tell him where he could purchase a projector specifically for enlarging pictures onto canvas / paper or what ever medium for painting. This is what prompted me to start writing about my own methods, also being prompted by my son (see One Man's Travel Blog). Well I have tried one of these projectors. But found that either the method used to create Ari, or the grid method above Girl in a Hat, work just as well. Try not to get bogged down with detail, it gets confusing, keep it simple at this stage, adding the detail if you want as you progress through the painting. The grid above is 7"x7" this could be 3"x3" or 20"x20" you chose, just keep the proportions the same.
You could, of course, transfer the picture as a rough sketch first using the grid method refine the lines, also if you’re not sure about the composition or the picture, check it in a mirror this works for me. Then transfer the refined sketch onto you chosen medium.
Don’t forget these lines are only a skeleton to build upon NOT the finished piece.

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Amel's Realm said...

Ahhh...so One Man's Travel Blog is your son's blog? No wonder you have the same surname. I was wondering what the connection between you two was he he he...