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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Japanese painting

Water colour
What inspired me to create this scene?
This commission was requested by a friend in exchange for one of his hand made clay statuettes. He asked if I could produce a piece in the style of Japanese art. This was going to be an experiment for me as I had not tried this style before. I very much enjoy the Japanese interpretation of nature, especially the work of Hokusai Katsushika

Why did I choose Water Colour Paint to produce this piece?
Most of the great Japanese pieces are ink/water colour. This would further develop my skills in water colour painting. To produce this piece, I have used my painting methods and tried to emulate the Japanese style .

How long did this piece take me?
This piece took me one afternoon – this included practice pieces.

How did I feel about the end result and looking back, would I have done anything different?
I was pleased with the end result as I had gained some confidence using the ‘wet on wet’ method of painting.

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