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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Nan (100th Birthday )

Pastel pencils
What inspired me to create this piece?
This picture was taken on nans 100th birthday. Her face, so full of character, inspired me to take up the challenge of putting pastel to paper for the first time

Why did I choose pastel pencils to produce this piece?
Some years previously I had seen a street artist using pastel for portraits and loved the skin texture achieved with this medium

How long did this piece take me?
For me this was a couple of days full of learning

How did I feel about the end result and looking back, would I have done anything different?
This picture proved the use of pastel in portraits for me. After the picture was finished I used a spray sealer , this dulled the picture, I have since spoken to different artists and some say they never use sealers, others use the sealer during the process but not at the end.

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Amel's Realm said...

AAAAHHH it looks SO REAL and alive!!!!! ;-D