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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Polar bears

Water colour
( for a Christmas card )
What inspired me to create this scene?
I thought it would be nice to paint a Christmas card to give for my wife, as this would be more personal than buying one from a shop. As my wife has a passion for Polar Bears – I thought this would be the idea subject.

Why did I choose Water Colour Paint to produce this piece?
I wanted this picture to be loose. I like the translucent quality of water colour and though this would be ideal to reproduce the snow and ice effect.

How long did this piece take me?
As my wife prefers water colour paintings to have minimal detail, so I kept it simple. Subsequently it only took about 2 hours over a cup of tea.

How did I feel about the end result and looking back, would I have done anything different?
I was happy with the overall picture and how I had managed to achieve the fur on the bears and the northern lights in the sky. To this end, I wouldn’t have changed the way in which I produced the piece. I am also relieved to say that my wife was very happy when she opened the envelope.

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