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Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Water colour
What inspired me to create this piece?
Paintings with splashes of vibrant colours have always appealed to me. My wife and I were looking for a picture to hang in our hallway on the wall opposite the front door. We wanted a warm picture that would fill a large empty space.

Why did I choose Water Colour Paint to produce this piece?
My wife likes very minimalist styled paintings with lots of empty paper and splashes of colour. To produce the poppy petals, I wanted to bleed the colour into the paper – water colour paints allow you to do this. Applying clean water to the paper first, then dropping colour into it.

How long did this piece take me?
After a few trial pieces, the whole picture took 30 minutes. It is important when doing a picture of this style, not to get carried away with over working the detail.

How did I feel about the end result and looking back, would I have done anything different?
This piece showed me that I can produce paintings of this style and have an ability to restrain my need for detail. I wouldn’t do anything different only practice more pictures of this style . Since hanging this piece I have had several commissions to produce similar.


Nycnontheist said...

Dear Dave,

I really love the simplicity of "Poppies". The color, the design, and rendition is superb.


Amel's Realm said...


It's peaceful.

ArtyDave said...


Valerie, Thanks for your kind words. I too like poppies and really enjoyed painting this picture.

Amel, Thanks again for your encouragement

Best wishes ~ Dave

Sindhu said...

Wonderful piece of art!

Great work Dave!